Why use Microkote?

Avoid bound roots

Container-grown plants develop circled and matted roots, a condition known as “root bound”. Microkote's copper coating prevents this common problem.

Transplant with trust

Improved root structure with Microkote supports quicker root regeneration when transplanting, which ultimately supports better growth.

Improved plant health

An improvement in root distribution can lead to improved nutrient status and overall health of the plant as it grows.

So, how does it work?

Ingredients at work

MicroKote® contains calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese and zinc bound in a latex coating to provide delayed release of the nutrients when the roots reach the sides of the container.

Apply at any stage

Microkote is a versatile coating that can provide benefits from seedling, to grown plants. Apply to your container of choice, or pre-treat seed trays or pots, in your choice of size & style.

Reap plant benefits

With optimal micro nutrients protecting your roots, avoid shock, mechanical root pruning, and reap the benefits of your strong, uniform and healthy plants as they grow.

Create your custom plan

Try out Microkote today, or schedule a consultation for a customized proposal for your gardening needs.

See the difference